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Tim Qualls Enters His Blue Period With New EP

Tim Qualls got almost nothing but love from Rocks Off when we took on the task of tabulating the terrific tunes from his debut EP This is Our Land last year. Our one complaint was that it was really more of a single than an EP, with the backend being filled out with acoustic demos. We can't say the same for the four strong new tracks that make up the Melancholy Sessions.

Previously, we walked you through the recording process of the EP as Qualls eschewed his former recording studio and moved into the exciting world of recording in your buddy's bedrooms studio.

That sentence may be dripping sarcasm all over your home row, but we halfway mean it sincerely. After all, the power of a private individual to put out their own work with basic affordable tools has never been greater. We can certainly attest that Qualls has used the medium to full effect.

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