Toadies At House of Blues: Twitter Edition

To Rocks Off's eternal anoyance, we can't be everywhere at once, so Saturday we had to fall on our sword and skip the sold-out Toadies show at House of Blues. This time... we won't let them come back without seeing them, promise. Especially since the general opinion among those who were there - curse you, Weird Al - was that Tarrant County hard-rockers were pretty sick, and openers Quiet Company and Dead Country weren't bad either

However, we'd hate for you to miss some sweet pictures from the show by our own Groovehouse (click here for a slideshow), and thanks to Twitter, we can take you back there (sort of).

Rocks Off cobbled together some pretty excited tweets from Saturday night. Rock fists at the ready...

thetoadies - Houston, are you ready?

agent_o - tonight: Toadies it feels like the early 90s again...

Htwngirl - HOB is packed!! Waiting for the Toadies to take the stage.

deadcountry - Holy shit that was fun! First night of The Toadies tour sold out house of blues in houston. @QuietCompany is killing it right now.

j_dext - @Donny_XxX Toadies! :)

TuckerMaxine - Toadies in like a few min. So excited.

Patty28 - Toadies! *YAY* sooo exciting!!!!!!

TuckerMaxine - http://yfrog.com/jqakkj the Toadies.

kbenztx - Toadies playing to a packed house. Hot show in the House of Blues Houston (@ House of Blues w/ 15 others) http://4sq.com/8Z2LhK

marisalsa - I'm upset that I didn't think of getting Toadies tickets. ..:(

Htwngirl - @quietcompanytx yes saw you guys open for Toadies loved loved loved you!!!

danielweathers - Toadies are killing it, taking me back to the 90s with possum kingdom, "do you wanna die" ::rock fist::

rdog86 - The Toadies are jamming! This has been a great show all around

addictedtotoast - Toadies concert, amazing :) except for the drunk people

samanthanuber - Home from the Toadies concert with Taco Bell in hand. Hungry and tired. Getting ready to fix both of those problems.

kelli_morton77 - Toadies were AWESOME tonight!!

Htwngirl - Finally on our way home from the Toadies. Those dudes are way cool!

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