Tom Carter Benefits

Tom Carter is far from a household name, but he is revered (even internationally) within the close-knit experimental-music community, which explains the outpouring of support after his recent near-fatal illness. For the past two decades, Carter and now-ex-wife Christina have been Charalambides, the former Houston duo that has charted the murky folk/psychedelia nether regions across dozens of releases, an astoundingly broad sonic spectrum from utter calm to virtual madness. On tour in Europe this spring, Carter was stricken with severe pneumonia complications that left him in a medically induced coma for several days. He was flown back to the U.S. earlier this month and is now recovering at his New York home, but it could be well into 2013 before he is able to perform — which is also to say work — again. Luckily, Carter has a lot of friends, starting with the guys in stomping Houston psych-rock beasts Project Grimm and Linus Pauling Quartet, whose members' roots with Carter stretch back to the days of the U of H dorms and mythic Houston band The Mike Gunn. The little-seen Dead Mineral and charming Hearts of Animals join Grimm and LP4 at Friday's fund-raiser, while Jonathan Jindra has assembled some elite electronic/avant-garde/noise musicians such as Sandy Ewen & Damon Smith, Night at Noon, FLCON FCKER, A Week of Kindness and Eric Todd for Saturday's show at the Railyard. Sales from LP4's new album Bag of Hammers and all other proceeds from both shows go to the Robert Thomas Carter Irrevocable Trust, which is accessible via www.helptomcarter.org.

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