Lonesome Onry and Mean

Tonight: Booze-Free Folk With Eliza Gilkyson at NiaMoves

If you're into no-booze, no-talking, listening-room shows, NiaMoves, the yoga studio/concert venue just north of downtown, has a good one tonight with Eliza Gilkyson.

Gilkyson may be a folkie, but she always digs deep lyrically and musically. Her music is not for the faint of heart or the lace-doily crowd. The daughter of L.A. writer Terry Gilkyson and sister of guitar-slinger Tony Gilkyson (X, Randy Weeks), Ms. Gilkyson is a fixture on the Austin scene always in demand for concerts, co-writing and harmonizing.

Very much a maverick in everything she does, her albums - she's put out five since 2002, most recently last year's Beautiful World, on the excellent Red House Records label - are always a breath of fresh air compared to most of what happens in the folk music ghetto. Whether the songs are personal, topical, or political, Gilkyson always cuts straight to the chase.

8 p.m. tonight, NiaMoves, 508 Pecore, www.listeningroomhouston.com.

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William Michael Smith