Tonight: Flobots at Meridian

Denver alt-rappers Flobots, whom you only think you've never heard of, hits town tonight. If you've been anywhere near a radio lately, you'll recognize Flobots as the group behind that "Handlebars" song, which is in fact called "Handlebars." Here we go...

It's been an age since a song by a socially conscious backpack hip-hop group has crossed over to Top 40; according to their PR, Flobots formed in 2005 as a "cohesive alternative organism." Hippies. Sigh. It seems to be working though - "Handlebars" is currently No. 41 on Billboard's latest Hot 100 chart, up five spots from last week.

Remember, that's how people thought of the Black Eyed Peas once. Anyhow, it's hard to hate too much on any group with a member named Brer Rabbit. Our colleagues at Denver's Westword have been covering the 'Bots since the beginning. Check out a couple examples here and here. - Chris Gray

Doors at 7 p.m. With Doomtree and POS.

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