Tonight: Greg Ginn & the Taylor Texas Corrugators at Last Concert Cafe

If we were to tell you that one of the most influential guitarists and innovators in the early '80s hardcore movement was living in the tiny town of Taylor (30 miles outside Austin) you would call us crazy. But that's where Greg Ginn, founding guitarist of hardcore's lode-bearing Black Flag has been making his home since 2007, when he moved there from Long Beach, California.

When BF dissolved in 1985, after four different lead singers and a storied, discordant catalog, Ginn drifted from one project to the next. Most of them, like Mojack and Confront James, showcased Ginn's jazz-influenced guitar work that colored Black Flag's output, making them so groundbreaking and volatile to a generation of skaters and arty avant-garde kids in VFW halls across America.


Greg Ginn and The Texas Corrugators is the artist's latest enterprise, a gritty country-jazz affair with bass and piano duking it out and Ginn's signature guitar work snuck inside, making for an aurally dissonant experience. Imagine the guitar lines from "Nervous Breakdown" crossbred with Asleep at the Wheel, while Bob Wills taps his boot in the corner. The Corrugators' newest record, The Goof Off Experts showcases their beerhall twang, with tracks like "Off the Grid" sounding like they could fit in swimmingly on a soundtrack for a Tejas-based David Lynch film.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty