Tonight: John Egan at Under the Volcano

For a quiet, introspective guy, John Egan is a one-man wrecking machine when he takes the stage with his aluminum Resonator and his foot starts echoing through his stomp box. Egan just may be the most under-rated, overlooked musical artist in town. To say he's not much on self-promotion is like saying Elvis wasn't much on high-fiber, low-carb diets. According to his

MySpace site

, Egan "has released two independent records,

The Gindiaries



. His third release,

Secret Religion

, is currently available in a Limited Edition at selected shows." And that's it, all the advertising and self-promotion the guy does.

Something tells me Egan a) prefers to let his music do his promotion and b) doesn't give a flying flip about the biz side of music. Don't make the mistake of thinking that means he can't play, that his songs won't grab you by the throat and shake you like a chicken-eatin' dog, or that he doesn't bring it as hard and sweaty and evil as he can when he's up in the spotlights.

Don't think about it at all, just be there. It's a secret religion, 100 proof.

8 p.m. tonight at Under the Volcano, 2349 Bissonnet, 713-526-5282

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