Tonight: Jubal Lee Young at Pappasito's Sugar Land

Pappasito's Cantina in Sugar Land begins a two-month long Thursday music series tonight with Jubal Lee Young. Young has been in the area a week now, having opened for Carrie Rodriguez last week at Conroe's First Thursday series. He'll do an instore at Cactus Records on Friday at 5:30 before opening for the Gougers at McGonigel's Mucky Duck later that evening. Young has just completed work on his new album, Last Free Place In America, at guitarist/producer Thomm Jutz's studio in Nashville. The title track is a straight-faced satire in which the narrator is in a psych ward, where he discovers it's the one place he can do or say anything he wants to because they all think he's crazy anyway. "I've made three records now, and I think this one comes closest to my true voice and to who I am," says Young. "And hopefully my songwriting is maturing as I do." "I had several pretty pointedly political songs on the last album, "Greed Is the Creed" and "Greedy Old Men With Fountain Pens," but it seems like with the change in Washington the moment for those kinds of songs has passed, at least for now," surmises Young, "so the new album is probably a little less serious than the last one. You know, more love songs and songs about fighting in bars and stuff."

While he's been performing "I Refuse" for a few years in his live shows, Young finally decided the time was right to record it. "It was one of those songs you write things and then think 'that's horrible.' Later you might dust it off and think maybe it isn't all that terrible. So I played it at the Tin Pan South show in Nashville and not only got a huge response,

Will Kimbrough blogged about it

and wrote 'there is genius among us.' Tommy Womack was always really supportive of me singing that one, too."

"I made a record Same ole story Nashville said 'I don't know, We like you but you're fat' I said 'who needs you? Let's get some pizza I got nothin' left to lose 'Cause I refuse."

The son of Steve Young, who wrote Waylon Jennings' hit "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" and The Eagles' hit "Seven Bridges Road," Jubal Lee knows Nashville's inner workings well, having worked in radio there for ten years. "That song just kinda summed it up for me," says Young. "The whole turn some karaoke queen into a star while talented people rot on the vine. Fuck 'em." Pappasito's music series runs every Thursday in April and May on the patio. 6 p.m. tonight, Pappasito's, 13759 SW Fwy., 281-565-9797.

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