Tonight: MDC at Walter's on Washington

Early 80's hardcore punk would have been a tad empty without Austin's Millions Of Dead Cops (or MDC for short). Singer Dave Dictor was one of the first sexually ambigious - as outlined on "America's So Straight," from the band's 1982 debut Millions of Dead Cops - singers among the decidedly macho collective of bands like Agnostic Front and Bad Brains. Dictor routinely confronted homophobia while on tour, an the movement's latent phobic leanings being ever magnified. Along with such legends as the Big Boys and the Dicks, MDC cultivated a scene in and around Austin that clashed with the college town's decidedly hippie aesthetic. Now based out of Portland, Oregon, MDC is viewed as legends from a scene that burned out at just the right time, but one whose influence will be felt for generations. If you don't believe us, just rent the 2006 documentary American Hardcore to see bands like MDC and others at their most feral.

With Embrace the Kill, Final Conflict, the Blackmarket Syndicate and H.R.A., 8 p.m. tonight at Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington, 713-862-2513 or www.hatetank.org.

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