Tonight: Psilli Psybin at the Big Top

Fans of Boondocks' monthly psychedlic/garage freak-out Reverberations, listen up: Now you can get your trippy fix of acid-tested songs on a weekly basis, and from a live band to boot. Since the beginning of the month, longtime local drummer Steve Candelari's new band Psilli Psybin has been playing songs like Pink Floyd's "Lucifer Sam," Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced," Pretty Things' "S.S. Sorrow" and the Small Faces "Itchycoo Park" Thursdays at the Big Top.

It's not exactly all the songs I want to do, but we haven't learned them all yet," Candelari, also the drummer for Led Zeppelin tribute band Von Hindenburg, says. "We do 'You're Gonna Miss Me,' but I want to learn some more [Thirteenth Floor] Elevators."

Preceding Psilli Psybin's 11 p.m. performance, Candelari's friend Mike Perkins has been screening vintage bad cinema to help set the mood; tonight's selection is the 1959 stinker Teenagers from Outer Space (tagline: "Teenage hoodlums from another world on a murderous rampage!").

Mike is a bad film connoisseur - it's not that he doesn't like good films, he just really likes bad ones," Candelari says. They can't be films that were meanto to be bad, it had to be someone trying to make a good film that was just bad at it." - Chris Gray

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