Tonight: Rocks Off Movie Night Presents the Swayze in Point Break

Tonight Rocks Off salutes the late Patrick Swayze with his 1991 classic bank caper film Point Break, which also stars Keanu Reeves and a shitload of waves. The film starts a little after 9 p.m. upstairs at the Mink as always. Whoah!

Point Break is easily one of the best bromance films of the '90s, and brother were there a lot of them back then. Every film had some sort of hidden masculine charge, and guys walked around shirtless and beach volleyball all the time it seems. The film also cemented Reeves as one of the best bro-dudes in the history of cinema.

You are fooling yourself if you still don't see every role he has played as just an outgrowth of his Wyld Stallyns co-frontman "Ted" Theodore Logan character in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Even during The Matrix we were just waiting for Reeves to blurt out "So-crates!" We would give our right testicle for someone to make another Bill & Ted to finally complete the trilogy.

The most recognizable feature of Point Break, besides Swayze and Reeves, is the strangely alluring pansexual Lori Petty. It made us feel all funny in our pants when it wore those wetsuits in PB and Free Willy for some reason. Also, PB taught viewers about the ex-presidents. Some say the film was an allegory on political treachery, but some people need to not smoke out every time we watch PB, Dad! Either way, we still wants us a Richard Nixon mask. The nose is so naughty, for realz! LOL!

The film's soundtrack is notable for appearances by Jimi Hendrix, Ratt, early Sheryl Crow and the band Love. The latter's classic "7 and 7 is" was covered by Liquid Jesus for the compilation. If you know who Liquid Jesus is, kill yourself.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty