Tonight: Shinyribs at Last Concert Cafe

Shinyribs, Gourds frontman Kevin Russell's side project, has found a safe haven in his old hometown of Houston. Russell's musical oeuvre mixes a large gospel-based element with dashes of country, blues, folk, and rock and ends up being something unique and very Houston-friendly.

Russell has been doing a monthly residency at Under the Volcano for two years now. And somehow he's managed to never play the same set twice. In fact, it is the surprise factor that seems to happen every gig when Russell "gets the spirit" that imbue these Shinyribs shows with art and high spirit.

Lately Russell has been traveling with a new Austin band he's producing, No-Show Ponies. But he's just as likely to fool us all by showing up with original Gourds producer Mike Snyder on bass and beat boxes. The surprise element is what makes it all so exciting each time Shinyribs fires it up.

9 p.m., Last Concert Café, 1403 Nance, 713-226-8563.

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William Michael Smith