Tonight: Sleepercar at the Mink

Sleepercar, the El Paso-based side project of Sparta's Jim Ward, pays a call on the Mink tonight, topping a typically eclectic local bill of Buxton, B., the Jonbenet and Giant Princess. Doors at 8.

"A Broken Promise":

Sleepercar's debut, West Texas (Doghouse/Civil Defense League), is shaping up to be one of the best Texas and alt.country - though it's equally indie-rock - releases of the year, so seeing them in close quarters like the Mink is a rare treat indeed. How did this happen, anyway?

During their recent Texas travels, "We met some fine young men from Houston that play in a band called Buxton," Ward writes on Sleepercar's Web site. "We decided to take our day off from the Lucero tour and go down and play a show with them in Houston."

Though Lucero's absence is going to piss off at least one member of the Press' advertising corps, we're certainly glad Buxton talked Sleepercar into coming down. After the jump, videos from other recent notable side projects. - Chris Gray

Raconteurs, "Broken Boy Soldier":

The Postal Service, "Such Great Heights"

A Perfect Circle, "Judith":

The Breeders, "Cannonball"

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