Tonight: The Power Of Rocks Off Movie Night Compels You To Come See The Exorcist at The Mink

Tonight Rocks Off presents the 1973 exorcisploitation flick The Exorcist in all its glory for Rocks Off Movie Night at the Mink. The show starts around 9 p.m. and as always, is free-fifty-free. As part of our October Halloween film series, the film is sure to make you think twice about getting that bowl of split-pea soup the next time you hit up Jason's Deli.

Aside from ruining the rep of the aforementioned soup, the film also made scores of viewers faint or almost shit themselves from terror upon its debut the after Christmas in 1973. Based on a novel by author William Peter Blatty, the story of the child possessed and the priest whose job it is to exorcise the demon inside her was expertly directed by William Friedkin, and to this day is still seen as a landmark horror flick. Friedkin also directed the Al Pacino buddy comedy Cruising which Rocks Off is threatening to show one night at the Mink, if only to lure the Homopolice to play after the movie.

Also notable in the film is the song "Tubular Bells" which instantly sends shivers up the spines of people who have seen witnessed The Exorcist. Mike Oldfield's composition was actually apart of his full lengthy album of the same name. Because of it's inclusion in the soundtrack, it became a chart hit in the United States, which in itself is pretty WTF-worthy.

We will be showing a copy of The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen) in place of the original you probably grew up with. This edition is touted as way more gorier and jarring as the previous cuts of the flick. So keep that in mind if you plan on bringing a date, or sleeping soundly tonight. It's best to drink as much as possible so the film becomes just a flash of sounds and flashing lights. That's how we got through college and our last break-up.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty