Tonight: The Twelves at Boondocks

Tonight: The Twelves at Boondocks

It's safe to say that were it not for acts like Justice and MSTRKRFT, the current dance resurgence would have never would have left the underground. In the past few years, more and more bored indie kids have been shaking way more ass than the generation that preceded them.

This scene borrows heavily from Giorgio Moroder with a healthy nod to the raver kids that dominated almost a decade ago. This new scene isn't so steeped in ecstasy and a neo-hippie aesthetic as the glowstick-armed TRANSIT crowds that used to sell out the old Astro Arena every weekend. There's a trashy gold-lame decadence prevailing instead.

It's disco for the leggings and high top Nikes Urban Outfitter/ American Apparel glam-boys and girls. Brazilian duo the Twelves, João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira, have been blowing up electro blogs for almost a year now with their remixes of M.I.A and Black Kids. Boondocks were lucky enough to snag the duo, currently in the midst of a small U.S. tour, for a headlining set tonight. - Craig Hlavaty

With Damon Allen and DJ Dayta, 10 p.m. tonight at Boondocks, 1417 Westheimer #2, 713-522-8500. 

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