Tonight: "Victoriandustrial" Goth Violinist Emilie Autumn at Meridian

If there is anything positive that can be agreed upon by all in regards to Goth music, it must be that it gives the kids in orchestra hope for a pop career. Leaving a trail of busted strings and broken bows in their wake, acts like Apocalyptica and Rasputina have set the bar for mixing classical music stylings with the dark descendants of punk and glam. Joining their ranks is a little lady who'll be rocking The Meridian (sponsored by HaVoK) Monday evening, Ms. Emilie Autumn.

The Malibu, Calif., native began playing the violin at the age of four, and was enrolled at the Colburn School of the Performing Arts. She was a dedicated admirer of Nigel Kennedy, who - among his many accolades - recorded improvisational violin versions of Jimi Hendrix tunes, and sought to emulate his style. Peer harassment drove Autumn from Colburn, though she later enrolled in Indiana University's School of Music. Her stint there was also short-lived as she continuously clashed with the staff over her long purple hair, corsets and combat boots.

Fed up with academia, Autumn returned to L.A. to begin her "punktorian" and "Victoriandustrial" meshing of rock and classical, and has earned quite a pedigree. She's appeared on Courtney Love's album America's Sweetheart playing the violin, and later toured with the band. After that tour was halted, Autumn began working with Billy Corgan. And holy mother of God, she's on Deathklok's Dethalbum, where she plays violin on "Dethharmonic."

Her sound is harsh, like Wagner performed by Nine Inch Nails, and is filled to the brim with hate and harpsichords. Houston fans may be reminded of Houston's own Goth queens from back in the day, The Sinister Sirens, when Autumn's low, angry vocals bubble up out of the orchestra and car-wreck noises to separate your soul from your body.

Be prepared for theatrics akin to the drama club of an asylum, 'cause that's what you're going to get when Ms. Autumn hits town.

7 p.m. tonight at Meridian, 1503 Chartres, 713-225-1717 or
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