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Tonight: Wild Moccasins Tour Kickoff at Mango's

June is a month of many new beginnings, a time for kids to graduate from the past and walk into the impending, uncertain future. So there's no better time for Houston's Wild Moccasins to set out on the band's first-ever tour, imparting their keen knack for perfect melodies to listeners across the country for a solid month.

This tour will open many new avenues for the band, who released the Microscopic Metronomes EP in January. Unlike some other rising acts that still have that rookie, unsure-of-themselves attitude, the Moccasins' sound has a maturity that could impress even the most stuck-up music snobs.

When they finally do return, they will undoubtedly be the same old Wild Moccasins Houstonians know and love, but even stronger as musicians and also as a band. The tour kicks off tonight at Mango's with Caddywhompus (who joins the Moccasins on the road), B L A C K I E and the Urbane Guerrilla Sound System.

Rocks Off caught up with Moccasins singer/guitarist Cody Swann Wednesday to check on any pre-tour jitters.

Rocks Off: How long have you been planning your tour?

Cody Swann: About five months now. If you include planning the route.

RO: Do you have a large fan base outside of the Houston area?

CS: Not that we are aware of. A lot of that is attributed to how much a band tours, and this is our first.

RO: What do you hope to gain out of this tour, both as a band and personally?

As a band, we want to do our best to support our EP that was released in January. For all of us, this is our first tour, so personally I think we are all just eager to get out and experience the ups and down that come with touring.

RO: What do you think makes for a good concert? I ask this since you'll be playing to different audiences than your usual Houston fans while on tour.

CS: It's always great to see a band that can play their songs like the record, but I think we all enjoy bands that can put on a show as well.

RO: Last question: As you get ready to go on tour, are there any bands you're excited to see?

CS: We are getting to play with quite a few bands we are excited to see. To name a few, Santa Dads in Baltimore, The Harlequins in Cincinnati, The Loom in Brooklyn, and Texas friends Ume in Philadelphia.

8 p.m. tonight at Mango's, 403 Westheimer, 713-522-8903 or www.mangoscafehouston.com. $6.
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