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Tonight: Yet Another Branch of the Homopolice Bush, The Energy, Debuts at the Mink

So far 2009 has seen the debuts of about a dozen or so new Houston bands that have rocking our collective nuts off. Muhammadali, Passengers, Roky Moon & Bolt, the inimitable 10th Grade Cutie, the solo debut of Benjamin Wesley and the classic-rock-filtered garage of Giant Princess, just to name a few have been burning up our headphones.

So here comes The Energy to the party and not a moment too soon. Made up of members of NO TALK, The Homopolice and Wicked Poseur, The Energy plays their first show on Sunday at the Mink on a bill that also includes the like-minded Secret Prostitutes. The three-chick and one dude assault of Lafayette's Blast Rag closes the show, led by a howling raven-haired tattooed gal with more ink than we even have.

The handful of tracks we have heard off the Energy's demo that has been circulating are quick decadent stabs of punk 'n roll not too far removed from early Ramones or even early Pere Ubu. It's misogynistic and vengeful in places, especially on "Pieces." The band even included their take on the bruddah's own "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" on this debut release.

Here is

"Girls Don't Like Me,"

"Girls Don't Like Me,"

and shit is gonna make you jump like Kris Kross, for serious.

10 p.m. at the Backroom at the Mink, 3718 Main, 713-522-9985 or www.minkonmain.com.

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Craig Hlavaty
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