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Tontons Visit Subterranean Radio While In Chicago

Recently, Rocks Off reported on how Subterranean Radio out of Round Lakes Heights, Ill., had begun playing some of Houston's most spectacular artists. The show had already made our 11 Best Internet Radio Shows list for Mick Cullen, Carl Cutler, Rae Helen's amazing ability to find the absolute best indie-rock in the world. Now that they've added bands like Something Fierce, the Mathletes and Folk Family Revival into regular rotation, their role as bastion of all that does not suck is assured.

One band who was apparently delighted to find themselves on Subterranean's bit of the FM and Internet dials was our own Tontons. The band is poised to begin escape velocity onto the national stage, launching their current tour from a packed show at Warehouse Live two weeks ago. Upon returning home, they'll have a place at BestFest, which is shaping up to live up to its name if the line-up is any indication.

After reading our article on Cullen and company, the Tontons contacted Subterranean Radio to invite them to their Chicago gig at Martyr's. The gang obliged, and recorded an interview with the band. Hasta el jumpo to hear the interview.

Tontons interview

Tontons interview

"The Tontons played to a sparse crowd at Martys' Tuesday night in Chicago, opening up for local act Bullied by Strings," said Cullen via email after sending us his recording of the interview. "Though not listed as the main attraction for the evening, The Tontons clearly outshined their stagemates. Their combination of effortless instrumental expression and a vocal performance that alternated between rollicking and sensual caught everyone's attention, even earning a vulgarly enthusiastic endorsement from Bullied by Strings' drummer at set's end.

"Given the chance to play for such an intimate group, the band appeared to make an effort to connect with each individual in the crowd, winning over a Chicago audience that started out jaded and found themselves impressed in a span of 50 minutes."

Rocks Off looks forward to the band's return for BestFest and the release of their Golden EP next month, as well as more Houston artists being featured on Subterranean Radio.

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