Classic Rock Corner

Top 10 Beatles Parodies And Mashups To Date

The Beatles' entire catalogue is finally on iTunes and racking up the sales, and we're sure everyone involved at Apple, both the software company and the record label, are happy with the results. The Beatles are cracking the Top 40 again in the United States, and "Hey Jude" is currently the No. 1-selling iTunes track in England.

Sir McCartney and Grand Exalted Antipope Jobs' accord has helped to once again catapult the Beatles into the limelight, as if they needed any help in that arena, being essentially the closest thing rock and roll has to living gods.

Of course, there's something to be said for a little bit of irreverence. In Great Britain they call it "taking the piss," and plenty of folks on these here internets have taken plenty of piss (is that how we phrase it?) from the Fab Four. There are also the DJs who have taken the Beatles' tracks and combined them with others, sometimes in such a way which, shockingly enough, improves both songs.

Our favorite parodies and mashups lie ahead. We hope you will enjoy the show.

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John Seaborn Gray