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Top 10 Biker Bars In And Around Houston

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7. The Poop Deck This place is sweet -- it's biker and cyclist friendly -- so anything on two wheels is welcome. Not that they'll turn you away if you pull up in your Prius, mind you, but still. Feel free to ride your chopper over to The Poop Deck, Galveston's long standing biker bar on the seawall.

It's got a dirty pirate feel to it, this place. Imagine all the hijinks those naughty pirates got themselves into over a pint of rum, and now throw in some bikers, and that's what we picture The Poop Deck being. Awesome, right? Yeah, we'll meet you there Saturday. We'll be the nerds on the two wheels with no engine. That's how we roll.

2928 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, 409-763-9151

6. Drifters Icehouse Biker Bar I mean, the name says it all. This place is way on the outskirts of Houston, but it's too definitive of a biker bar to leave off the list. Beers, babes, and badass bikes in Richards, Texas, y'all. Don't let that biker bar moniker intimidate you, though. These guys are legit; they even bought the first round for any military folks, past or present, that rode their hawg (or drove, whatever) out to Richards to hang out on Memorial Day. Makes them seem kinda cuddly, eh? Even with all the leather and scruff.

29293 FM 149, Richards, 936-851-2213

5. Neon Moon Saloon Dudes, this place is rad. It's huge, with an enormous "backyard" and live music all the damn time. How could you pass it up? The drive out to La Porte really isn't all that bad, especially if you're on the back of a motorcycle. Even if you're not, you're still welcome to come hang out and listen to local music or indulge in a "Bloody Mary Salad" or a big ass burger. If you're not hungry, there's plenty of beer and entertainment to keep you slap happy, and we're sure you'll stick around 'til that tummy starts rumblin', anyway.

Oh, and if you drink enough to find yourself a partner, owner Sheryl Brazell is an ordained minister, so maybe she'll cut you a deal on gettin' hitched right there in what the locals have coined as "wonderland." You can ride off into the sunset, tin cans clankin' behind that bike.

1201 S. 16th St., La Porte, 281-471-6366

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