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The local goth scene in Houston has been around for quite a while. Though it's never been a dominating force in Houston music, its influence has been felt, and some truly remarkable songs have made their way into our little black hearts. Here's our pick of the Top 10 goth tracks released by local artists.

10. La Catrin, "Our Thirsty Throats": The former Heist at Hand member has become Houston's first perfect melding between pop and goth, with a rapidly building following that promises to put her on the national map soon. "Our Thirsty Throats" is just one of the many great tracks from her incredible debut CD, Humans Are My Keyboards, which recently dropped.

9. Morgue City, "Hey": Along with Asmodeus X, who was sharing the same bill, Morgue City was the first and only time we'd seen a local goth concert advertised on television. Spike the Percussionist has worked for as the music director for the CoRE suspension team, and Raul Bertot claims his pedigree from the Tone Zone Records bands like M-87 and Bozo Porno Circus. Trust us, those goth credentials are hard to beat in this town. Plus, "Hey" is one of the greatest basic performance-style music videos ever locally shot!

8. The Stage Frights, "She Creeps Me Out": The latest spin-off of Ex-Voto is minus the angelic voice of Spleen or the resounding baritone of Larry Rainwater, but Jonny Splat is slowly coming into his own as a consummate frontman. The band is still growing into whatever it will be, but the potential we see is undeniable.

7. Bamboo Crisis, "DNA": Bamboo Crisis was a charter act with Tone Zone, and one of the bands that really helped cement Houston's reputation as a place with a growing electronica scene. To this day, acts like VNV Nation reminisce about the '90s EBM and industrial powerhouse that was Houston.

6. Ex-Voto, "Masquerade": Personally we like "Your Fate" better from Ex-Voto's Antioch, but everyone else seems to enjoy "Masquerade" more. We'll bow to popular opinion on this one, and it's a truly infectious track regardless.

5. Silenced Within, "Venomous": There's not nearly enough goth-metal in the world anymore. It might just be the fact that we've had Type O Negative on repeat for the last week, but we're rediscovering just how much we like Silenced Within, though Sloan does oversell the Cookie Monster vocals sometimes. It's just good evil fun.

4. Sinister Sirens, "The Bride": We'll never fall in love with a band the way we fell in love with the Sinister Sirens back in high school. Sigh... they're scattered to the winds now, and only Deanna Haughey is still kicking around locally fronting Judith Priest.

3. Immaculate Black, "Why Now?": We just recently discovered Immaculate Black through the offices of Elsa Briggs, who is an encyclopedic fount of knowledge when it comes to anything that sounds like Satan's fuck mix. We're definitely going to have to learn more about them.

2. Asmodeus X, "Morningstar (Visionary Mix)": Beneath his cold, dark, Korg-built exterior Paul Fredric's heart holds the blood of neo-folk genius. You never really hear him let it out anymore, but we've begged him on our knees to make an album that sounds entirely like this version of "Morningstar."

1. Flowers and Machines, "Breath": Yet another great act from the days of Tone Zone, watching this song performed live at Numbers on Halloween in the early '00s was just pure, unbearable ecstasy. It still sends shivers up our spine.

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