Top 10 Greatest And Most Essential Music Lists Of All Time

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The "Meh, Let's Just Do A Thorough Wiki Search Job And Call It A Day" List

I dunno, what are the best Beatles albums released in the '60s?

The "Totally Aiming To Shit On The Things You Love" List

Led Zeppelin was overrated, and the Beatles were just a boy band. Bruce Springsteen is whiny, and David Bowie looks like a mentally-challenged clown. See? This is a good way to get you to look at a list, and possibly stick around for a few minutes.

The "Oh Crap, It's Some Sort Of Holiday" List

Every year around Christmastime, out comes the "naughtiest Yuletide tunes" or something to that affect for us to polish our peppermint stick to. Extra points if the writer can dig up more than five songs about Hanukkah without mentioning Adam Sandler.

The "Obscure As Hell Bands And Songs That You Don't Care About" List

Sure you could make a "Best DC Hardcore" list but why do something dull and pedestrian like that when you can tell us about the 10 best Midwestern hardcore three-pieces that weren't Husker Du? A-ha.

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