Top 10 Healing Songs, From One Who Knows

Rocks Off was happy to run into our friend and Blues In Hi-Fi DJ Clint Broussard the other day at Leon's Lounge (where else?). We were a little surprised too, because it was the first time we'd seen him with two shoes on in months.

As most of Broussard's friends and listeners know, his leg was severely injured in a car accident in March on U.S. 59 near the Richmond spur. Broussard required two separate surgeries and months of rehabilitation, most of which he completed at his parents' house in Port Arthur. He's getting around just fine now and back at work, but as you might expect, he's got a few medical bills that need to be taken care of.

So Saturday, one of his employers, The Ginger Man in Rice Village (5607 Morningside), is throwing a benefit starting at 3 p.m. and featuring Mike Stinson, Young Girls, John Egan and The Mighty Orq. We asked Broussard if he'd mind dipping into his considerable archives and giving us a list of songs about healing, or as he puts it, "songs dealing with hurt, pain, rejuvenation, hope, and time - All things that have been essential in the ordeal that was my car wreck!"

10. Charlie Rich, "Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave"

I ended my last KTRU Blues In Hi-Fi broadcast with Charlie Rich, and yes, I'm starting this list with him! A man that couldn't be put into one category. This song has the attitude of "Don't count me out- and when you do, it will be with my word last!

9. Gene Allison, "You Can Make It If You Try"

This song is one that has been close to me for years. It served a new meaning in the face of 2 major surgeries and physical therapy! Ha!

8. Bobby Charles, "On Bended Knee"

This song was in my Dad's record collection. It might have even been one of the first examples of what I heard as a "pure" blues when I was a kid. P.S.- I can finally bend my knee again!

7. O.V. Wright, "I Don't Want To Sit Down"

After 3 1/2 Months of not being able to put weight on my left leg; I DON'T WANT TO SIT DOWN!

6. Johnny Adams, "Life Is a Struggle"

Some more "tick-tock" New Orleans R&B! Johnny was one of the greatest vocalists to come from the Crescent City... He illustrates here exactly what Blues is all about. At the same time, you get the feeling that in the face of "Life's Struggle," it's gonna be all right.

5. Johnny Restivo, "The Shape I'm In"

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A little Rockabilly. "I've Never Been In The Shape I'm In"! From 1959!

4. Little Richard, "Oh, Why?"

The questions in life; Why do things happen to us?

3. Aretha Franklin, "The Day Is Passed and Gone"

I also love the version by the Staple Singers. However, this was recorded in 1956 live during a service in Detroit. She really brings it! Time to get past trouble and move forward!

2. Percy Sledge, "It's All Wrong, But It's Alright"

As bad as it can get, it's all right.

1. Solomon Burke, "Don't Give Up On Me"

During my recovery from the accident, the radio station I've been a part of for 14 years went off the air on FM. It was strange to put my last couple of shows together while recovering from my surgeries. I just couldn't miss hosting my last couple of shows. With the help of friends, I was able to make it to the station and do the programs. Between the last two shows, I must have played this 7-8 times. Just seemed to be the right song at the right time. Between family, friends, listeners of the show, and my fellow dj's- no one did give up on me. I'm pretty lucky to have great people in my life.

Bonus Cut!

11. Willie Nelson, "Healing Hands of Time"

This song has meant a lot to me over the years, as well. We've all had to heal in some form or another. I can't imagine doing it without Willie Nelson.

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