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Top 10 Interesting Things From Ice-T's The Art of Rap

Friday night, Ice-T's new hip-hop documentary The Art of Rap opened in theaters nationwide. I went and watched it at the AMC Studio 30 at Westheimer and Dunvale. Here are ten things from the movie that are interesting and one thing that will be picked over:

10. Grandmaster Caz Is Ruthlessly, Seamlessly Brilliant: A considerable amount of the documentary is emcees rapping directly into the camera. Nearly all of the interviewed parties participate. Snoop, Eminem, Kanye, Melle Mel, KRS-One, more, more, more.

It's mostly a fun thing, with only a few feeling unnecessary. Chino XL must've just been walking by while they were filming or some shit, because why else would he be included? Grandmaster Caz's offering, a blindingly cool collection of "I'm that [SOMETHING] nigga, that [SOMETHING ELSE] nigga" punchlines, was the best.

It was perfectly done: Smart, funny, pulverizing, etc., and rates, without hyperbole, as profound. It unintentionally pulls the legs off of any other rappers trying to sprint past him. When he finished, people in the theater clapped.

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Shea Serrano