Top 10 Musical Guests On TV's Martin

Martin was one of the funniest television sitcoms of the '90s. We all tuned in on Thursday nights to see what would go down with Martin, his girlfriend-turned-wife Gina and their group of friends' nonstop hilarious antics.

But besides the numerous amounts of characters played by Martin Lawrence himself, Martin featured many musical guest stars on the show. Here's a look back on ten of the best.

10. "Ain't that About a Ditch," Tone-Loc Gina's mother visits Martin while Gina is away on business. After Martin sneaks out to go to a nightclub run by Tone-Loc, Gina's best friend Pam decides to bring Gina's mother out to the same club. Avoiding his future mother-in-law, Martin hides behind the "Wild Thing" rapper.

9. "Go Tell it on the Mountain," Bebe and Cece Winans This episode features Bebe and Cece Winans as guests on Martin's television talk show for a Christmas fundraiser, when a suicidal man dressed as Santa threatens the entire studio with a fake bomb he had strapped to his body.

8. "Woman with a Past," Keith Washington This episode shows Martin's insecurities when Gina's ex-boyfriend, R&B crooner Keith Washington, comes back into the picture to perform a duet of "The Closer I Get to You" with her. Martin gets upset and performs his own little number for her.

7. "All the Players Came," OutKast This episode features OutKast performing at a fundraiser Martin put together to save a neighborhood theater. Who doesn't love '90s OutKast?

6. "Love is a Beach," Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds This is Martin and Gina's wedding episode; I may have seen it a million times, yet it still makes me shed a single tear when Babyface sings "You are so Beautiful" as Gina walks to the altar. The wedding is in the Bahamas and reflects back on Martin and Gina's entire relationship throughout each season.

5. "You Play Too Much," Method Man Martin and Pam play pranks on each other throughout this entire episode. When a burglar played by Method Man sneaks in through Martin's window, he thinks it's another one of Pam's pranks. Martin proceeds to help Method Man rob him only to find out that it was not a joke.

4. "Blow Baby Blow," Notorious B.I.G Martin is helping the late Notorious B.I.G. find a background singer for his tour while Pam, Gina and Cole go to great lengths to get Biggie's attention.

3. "Your Arms Are Too Short to Box With Martin," Bushwick Bill The Geto Boys MC comes through to make an appearance as a crazy ex-boyfriend who attacks Tommy for his new ex-girlfriend.

2. "No Love Lost," Snoop Dogg Pam throws Martin and Gina an engagement party at her apartment. Martin and Gina gets into an argument before the party. causing them to miss it. Meanwhile, a young Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound crash the party.

1. "Forever Sheneneh," Christopher "Kid" Reid This is one of my personal favorite episodes of Martin. Shenehneh won a contest over the radio to have a date with Kid, but it goes awry when Kid realizes that Sheneneh wants to drink 40s and get busy with him. Kid runs away but later has a change of heart and gives Sheneneh a second chance. The best part is the "Forever Sheneneh" song.

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