Top 10 Rap-Related Items On Etsy

Rap music is forever turning out to be a fun influence on things we'd least expect. When your grandmother starts using terms like "turn up," you realize that there is no getting away from it.

Even the creative and artsy folk over at Etsy.com combine their passion for crafts with their admiration of hip-hop. Here are a few of the best, and funniest, Etsy items showing love to rap music.

10. Hand-Embroidered '90s Rap Towels Another gift idea for the perfect hip-hop homemaker is the set of for beautifully hand-embroidered towels featuring rap legends made by Laurel in LA. The set includes towels with the faces of Tupac, Biggie, Coolio and Snoop Dogg.

9. Rap Pencils Pencils with classic '90s rap song titles are a sure way to pass that standardized test that's been stressing you out.

8. Lyric Necklaces An Etsy shop based in Florida chose to put lyrics from Ice Cube, Biggie and more inside of gorgeous glass pendants for use as necklaces. The words "Today was a good day" in a dainty pendant are the ideal gift for that special lady.

7. Note Cards The perfect way to get your point across is to send a note card from AandC Boutique bearing classic Field Mob and Kanye lyrics. Your significant other would greatly appreciate the message.

6. Real Names of Rap Stars Book Everyone gets curious about some of the toughest rappers' government names. Why not a have a book for reference?

5. 50 Cent Ring This hilarious ring is just one of many fun ways to express your love of your favorite rap stars via jewelry. Etsy shop HartsandStars has a selection from 50 Cent rings to Tyler, the Creator earring studs, and even offers custom orders

4. Rap Coffee Mugs What's the best part of waking up? It's not the coffee anymore -- now, thanks to Jacquelyn from New York, you can sip your morning pick-me-ups while reading the lyrics of the Geto Boys and Snoop Dogg.

3. Rap Votive Candles We always need blessings. Meghan Garvey in Chicago decided to bless us with votive candles featuring artists like Birdman. Nothing offers a money blessing more than the born stunna.

2. Hip-Hop Lyrics Art And then othing inspires an office or workspace more than lyric from one of the biggest bosses in rap, Jay-Z.

1. Embroidered Rap Lyrics Who wouldn't want to be the proud owner of the best Notorious B.I.G. and Rick Ross lyrics beautifully embroidered in a wooden ring to hang in the kitchen? It's every homemaker's dream, and crafty Canadian Amanda has created a way for you to express yourself and make your guests giggle.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.