Top 10 Songs To Leave Out Of Your Wedding Reception

'Tis the summer season for tying the knot. But curse the occasion for creating the ultimate breeding ground for bad music - wedding receptions. It's one thing to unplug the jukebox in an act of defiance or flee a venue playing bad songs (I've done all of the above), but one doesn't exactly have those options when attending your friends' formal celebration of their love.

Unless you don't mind being the reception's token drunk asshole. Every wedding has one.

While I maintain the soundtrack to my wedding reception will be as simply orchestrated as: "Step 1. Connect iPod; Step 2. Choose 'Shuffle,'" there are some songs that should be filed under "wedding no-nos." Future brides and grooms, for the sake of your wedding guests, please 86 these ten tracks from your reception playlist.

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Neph Basedow
Contact: Neph Basedow