Top 10 Songs To Leave Out Of Your Wedding Reception

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10. "John Mayer, "Daughters": While I (sort of) understand the initial, on-paper appeal of this song for a father-daughter dance (by someone who actually likes John Mayer), please consider the creepiness of its lyrics before choosing it.

9. Katy Perry, "I Kissed a Girl": For obvious reasons. I mean, have you considered what your brand-new in-laws are thinking come chorus-time?

8. Wilson Pickett, "Mustang Sally": I don't really understand why this song is played at so many weddings, but it seems to be. This song only belongs on jukeboxes in bars I hope to never be in.

7. Van Morrison, "Brown Eyed Girl": It's a good, fun song, and I myself have brown eyes, but so do half of the women in the world; I wouldn't expect blue-eyed brides to play Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes." It loses novelty when played ad nauseum. Plus, it's too literal-- and not in a Billy Idol "White Wedding" kind of way, because that song was actually written for his sister.

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Neph Basedow
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