Top 20 Despised, Yet Wildly Popular, Bands And Musicians

Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed (above), stops at House of Blues tonight on his current acoustic tour. More than likely you have already clicked off this blog, or at least already gone on auto-pilot to call him a fuck-ass in the comments section. We'll wait a sec for you to come back.

OK, the funniest thing to us has always been the split between a group's popularity and the man-on-the-street opinion, or the stray weirdo critic who writes a treatise on how underrated they are, like we have been wont to do.

Cumulatively Stapp's Creed has sold over 35 million albums, while most everyone you speak with on a pop culture level sees the band and their contemporaries like Nickelback (who have clocked almost 30 million in sales themselves), as a two-headed Hitler/Satan character in modern rock music.

But the undisputed fact remains that Creed is extremely popular, as our the rest of these reviled artists, who each have a huge devoted, rabid following of folks who live and die on every word and album that comes forth from their beloved star.

Some of these may even be on your own personal hit list, good or bad, because at least a few of you reading this have been and are currently responsible for one or more of these artists selling multimillion numbers of albums. We will own up to at least four of them, and you can probably guess which ones.

We compiled these numbers from worldwide Billboard sales figures. Remember calculators? Yeah, we even used one of those for this blog, like in the '80s. We did make a few ground rules as to who is the most universally hated, or who has the word "fuck," "off," "eat" and "shit" attached to their names in random Google searches.

If this was Rocks Off's own personal list, it would only be two bands long and include all Sublime-derived white-boy reggae bands as a blanket category, and Rascal Fartts.

20. ICP (6 Million): Fuckin' underground followings, how do they work?

19. Justin Bieber (13 Million): You either thinks he's a little lesbian, the Antichrist, a shameful secret, or God's Gift To The World.

18. Kanye West (15 Million): After the MTV Taylor Swift incident and his Twitter rantings, the non-rap community at large got a bad taste in their mouths off Kanye. He's still an interesting artist to watch.

17. John Mayer (23 Million): It's either those facial tics when he plays guitar, or the fact that he has dated or laid most every pretty, single woman in Hollywood that rises the ire of non-Mayer fans. Or that floppy hair.

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Craig Hlavaty
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