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Top 5 Animated Album Covers

The farther down the Tumblr rabbit hole Rocks Off goes, the more and more we find that it's chockfull of musical amazing. This link gives you a good run down of sites to get you started, with every site leading you to a whole plethora of others that will suit your proverbial fancy. The thing about Tumblr is that anyone can post any music track or video that they want without much tampering from administrators.

This past week, we found Animated Albums, filled with artists' renderings of classic and not-so-classic album artwork in full motion. Some albums' art lend themselves better to the treatment, while others fall flat. It takes inventiveness and the ability to see something on a completely different level.

For instance, who would think to have Fiona Apple's eyebrows move up and down seductively on Tidal? The chick on the cover of Sonic Youth's Goo puffs away on her cigarette, while David Bowie steals his own face on Heroes.

Some reworked albums are merely pulled off by inverting images to create movement, while others add trippy effects to the scenes. The Technicolor trippiness of T. Rex's Electric Warrior art would make Marc Bolan smile with glee. Big Black's grinding Songs About Fucking is a perfect example of putting um, thoughts, into motion. And you'd be surprised to see how many Bjork covers are ripe for the picking.

We picked out our five favorites for you to gander from the site's current supply. New pieces are added daily. Click the caption under each album to call up the animated version, and then the "Back" button on your browser to return.

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Craig Hlavaty
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