Top 5 Bands Influenced by Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd will be performing in the Greater Houston area on Friday, tomorrow, and as previously mentioned here, their choice of Scout Bar out in Clear Lake is a little unexpected.


Talking Politics, and Almost No Music, With Punk Legend John Lydon

For those who haven't heard of PiL, this is a project founded by John Lydon (otherwise known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) directly following The Sex Pistols' breakup in the late 1970s.

Now, here's to you younguns (because I'm old, right) that may not be aware of the scope and significance of Public Image Ltd's work since they aren't posted to performing somewhere inside the Loop alongside other legends (Converge, Rakim), or something like that. Hence this blog category: Eat Your Vegetables! Okay.

Public Image Ltd is described as one of the pioneering post-punk groups. So, the Sex Pistols set a precedent for Public Image Ltd., who set a precedent for many currently popular acts. That being said, here's another list for you all of some of the most popular bands influenced by PiL.

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