Top 5 Bands Influenced by Public Image Ltd.

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5. U2

U2 has stated John Lydon's work to be an influence of theirs. Guitarist The Edge has particularly stated that the late John McGeoch, PiL's long-running guitarist, was a major influence of his.

Meanwhile, Lydon once said in reference to U2, "That's a band that never should have existed. There's no life experience in any of their songs."

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers

RHCP claims to have produced their funk-rock sound with the help of PiL's work. They've covered PiL's work as well. RHCP bassist Flea once successfully auditioned for the role of bassist in PiL just to have the opportunity to perform once with the band.

3. Radiohead

PiL's pioneering Metal Box has been stated as a precursor to much of Radiohead's sound in its landscape of cold synthesizers and integrated aching, distorted sound. In another fun quote, Lydon recently said, "Radiohead bug the hell out of me because it's so soulless. It just seems pointless. It's nice, but it's tosh."

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