Top 5 Creepiest Places an Album Has Ever Been Recorded

The creative process is a fickle little mistress, trust me. Some people like Axl Rose can dash off memorable lyrics on the back of a pizza box whenever the mood strikes. Then there are people like Bjork who think only being naked in a bat-infested cave will get them the proper vocal sound. To each his/her own.

Sometimes, though, musicians just have to pick places to lay down tracks that no sane human would ever want to be anywhere near, let alone trying to work in. Places full of murder, magic, and in one case spectral masturbation. No, I'm not making that last one up.

With Halloween fast approaching I thought a guide to the finest haunted recording locations would be in order. For some of you this will encourage travel to perform amongst the ectoplasm. For others more sensible, like me, it'll tell you where to stay the hell away from when your gothic rap album is ready to hit tape.

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