Top 5 Hardcore Bands That Should Make New Music

Last month, Bad Brains announced they would be releasing a new album, Into the Future, in November, their first since 2007's Build a Nation. Five years is a long time between albums, but for aging punk rockers, it's just about the standard. Some seem to take even longer. What is it that's so hard about pumping out a few short, fast, hard-hitting jams every few years?

Perhaps it's overthinking the writing of ultimately simplistic music or perhaps there's just a laziness that sets in with old age. Even so, seeing Bad Brains finally dragging out new material got us thinking. Some of these elder statesmen hardcore punk bands are still great, and could still deliver excellent new material if only they would get to work on it. Just who are we holding out for, though?

5. Descendents

It's been since 2004 that this band of hardcore nerds put out a new album, but we know their raucousness hasn't abated. We saw them prove they can still hang with a young crowd earlier this year at Free Press Summer Fest. If not for the gray hairs, you'd never suspect these guys are all pushing 50.

4. DRI

Houston's local contribution to the '80s hardcore punk and thrash scene has unfortunately been delaying a new record since 1995. They still tour (they last hit Houston in 2011, a video of which is captured above) and we know they can still hold their own, but for whatever reason a new album never seems to materialize.

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Corey Deiterman