Top 5 Most Anticipated Electric Forest Artists

Tomorrow I set off to another music festival, although this time it's the farthest north I've ever been. Michigan.

Yeah, I know, I need to travel more.

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Rothbury, Michigan will host Electric Forest from June 28 to July 1. The festival has local philanthropic initiatives this year such as a Food Drive, Electric Forest's Music In Schools program, art and music sessions and of course the lineup that most travel to see perform live.

Four days in a tent. Music. Bass. I don't think I have ever been this antsy before in my life. I've been to EDC Dallas in summer of 2011, Lights All Night New Year's event of 2011 and plenty of shows, but for some reason I can't even contain my excitement.

The lineup this year is insane. [It seems like every lineup for every festival improves each year.] But there are certain artists I'm looking forward to the most. Thought I'd go ahead and share my top 5 and why.

5. Bassnectar

Besides the fact that I just love his long hair -- It's longer than mine -- Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) throws down some filthy, raunchy tracks that get the crowd going. Maybe it's because he was originally influenced by such groups as Nirvana, Megadeth and Metallica when he started up his EDM career.

Another skill he possess is being able to collaborate and remix with other artists' work so well. He's worked with some of my favorites like Gogol Bordello, Datsik and Ellie Goulding. I have never seen this man live before and I can assure you that I look forward to jumping into his style of breakbeat, glitch and dubstep.

4. Ghostland Observatory

Now this is one group I have seen live. The duo of Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner hail from Austin. Turner is usually on the keyboards contributing to background vocals in a robotic-sounding voice and is a master with a synthesizer. (Not to mention he wears a cape.)

Behrens is the lead vocals and even plays guitar. Behrens is up onstage dancing around throwing his hair in all different directions. Their sound is so different, with varied takes on New Wave, rock, funk and electro. Maybe that's why I enjoy them so much. But if it's one thing I've learned from seeing them perform live it's their light show is mesmerizing.

One word: Lazers.

3. Paper Diamond

I had the liberty of seeing this man perform while I was in school over in Arizona. I had honestly not listened to him much at all before the show, but I did however know that he was associated act with Pretty Lights at one point, so of course I was intrigued.

This guy was throwing down all his sounds with of course your typical soundboards and such, but one thing stuck out. He held an iPad in his hands the whole time. I was amazed.

Most have a Mac book just sitting on the table, but Paper Diamond took his technology to a different level. I didn't know how he was able to hold onto that thing the whole time, because everyone was sweating their asses off. I can't wait to see this man back in iPad action.

2. Big Gigantic:

This duo is truly inspiring to me. Dominic Lalli is on the saxophone and Jeremy Salken is on the drums. This isn't a typical setup when it comes to EDM, but that's what is so conventional about it to me.

I got the pleasure of seeing Big G at Light All Night. They were amazing. I honestly didn't want to leave every song had me hooked and kept reeling me in. Thank goodness that the lineup for Forest has no conflicting sets at the same time, so it looks like most of EF's crowd will get to experience Big Gigantic's work. I'm thrilled.

1. Girl Talk:

All right you've found my DJ crush. I don't know what it is. Gregg Gillis just throws down one heck of a party. This mash-up artist pulls in music such as classic rock, radio hits and even one-hit wonders that make sure the crowd can sing and dance along.

This will be my third time ever seeing GT. I had the pleasure of being one of the selected people to get to be on stage with GT and dance my ass off when he was in Houston in July 2011. I went crazy, got a picture with him and yes, even got to touch his ass. I'm a dork, I know.

My second time to see this man was at Lights All Night and may I just saw, Wow! I got to be in the crowd this time and experience the toilet paper being thrown at you, streamers and beach balls falling down on you. Not to mention the lights were amazing.

Now that I've experienced both viewpoints I know that no matter where I am GT puts on an amazing show and guarantees fun for everyone.

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