Top 5 Most Sampled George Clinton Songs

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Unpaid royalties have long been a problem in the music industry. Artists, songwriters, and producers miss out on millions due to the misappropriation of funds at the hands of shady labels and music executives.

One of the most recent instances of this is the ongoing dispute between pioneering funk artist/producer George Clinton and his former friend Armen Boladian, owner of Bridgeport Music.

In late 2012, George launched his "Flashlight 2013" campaign to shine some light on misappropriated copyrights for musicians, songwriters and artists.

He gives the following statement on the campaign's official Web site:

I (George Clinton) want to be known as the man who brought to the attention of America the copyright issues. That's what I would like my legacy to be, to have turned people on to the fact that they need to fight for their rights to their music.

You have to fight a lot of people for your music. You have to fight the copyright companies, like BMI. You have to fight these record companies because they really want to take it all. Right now, it's time for people to start getting their music back.

From about 1978 to 2013 is the time frame from which you're allowed to start getting your music, made back then, returned to you. 2013... this will be the first time a lot of people are going to get their music back and I'm going to help them!

Clinton ranks second on the list of most-sampled artists in music history, with more than 400 times to date, including the music he made with and for Parliament, Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins' Bootsy's Rubber Band. In the wake of the Flashlight 2013 campaign/ tour, which reaches Houston's House of Blues May 4, we've composed a list of the Top 5 most-sampled George Clinton songs.

5. "Flashlight," Parliament (1977) Sampled over 60 times, most notably on Aaliyah's "Back and Forth" and UGK's "Protect and Serve."

4. "Mothership Connection (Star Child)," Parliament (1975) Sampled approximately 28 times including early-'90s G-Funk hits "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg and Dr. Dre's "Let Me Ride."

3. "I'd Rather Be With You," Bootsy's Rubber Band (1976) Sampled more than 30 times, you may recall this melody from songs like "Pimpology" by Chicago rap group Do or Die and the Screwston classic "I'd Rather Bang Screw" by Big Hawk, Big Cease and Kyle Lee.

2. "(Not Just) Knee Deep," Funkadelic (1979) Sampled more than 70 times, "(Not Just) Knee Deep" laid the foundation for songs such as De La Soul's "Me, Myself and I" and Tupac's "Can't C Me."

1. "Atomic Dog," George Clinton (1982) Sampled nearly 150 times, "Atomic Dog" comes in at the No 1 sampled George Clinton song of all time, with one its best-known adaptions coming from The artist formally known as Snoop Dogg on his 1993 single "Who Am I? (What's My Name).

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