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Top 5 Mullet-Rock Bands You Might Not Expect

Last Sunday, HBO aired the Season 3 finale of Eastbound & Down, the series about down-on-his-luck minor-league relief pitcher and morally bankrupt human being Kenny Powers. Besides a certain unvarnished wisdom ("death is for pussies") and a peculiar way with the ladies, Powers has one of the most spectacular haircuts on television. It's a little short to be a true Kentucky waterfall, but Powers is the (very) proud owner of one of the highest-profile mullets to come down the pike in some time.

Mullets and music have always gone hand in hand, so much that the haircut is synonymous with the kind of hard-rockin' tunes that flourished on FM radio in the '70s and '80s. Even today, cut-rate compilations like Mullet Rock Vol. 1 and Monster Mullet Rock can be had dirt-cheap both on Amazon and in the diminishing CD section of your local big box. On those discs, bands like Foreigner, Night Ranger, Billy Squier and Great White hold the lighter of mullet-rock proudly aloft.

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