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Top 5 Songs About Being Dead Broke

Rocks Off caught a little of the coverage of the Obama adminstration and Congress' deadlock over the country's impending default on its debt this morning. We could barely make heads or tails of it, but the underlying message was fairly clear: Holy shit, are we ever fucked.

We are already about two and a half years into what many people call either the Great Recession or Lesser Depression, and if the nation's credit rating is lowered, we don't see how that could improve the situation very much. (We speak as one whose credit rating is not all that great ourselves.) Luckily, if there's one class of people who know a thing or two about being broke, it's musicians, many of whom have spent at least some time on the margins of society.

Rocks Off put on our jukebox cap this afternoon and came up with five songs that warn the government what their constituents are in for if they don't get their act together PDQ; our only criterion was that they be a little more recent than "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime." Yes, we know we are barely scratching the surface of the iceberg, so feel free to chip in your own favorites in the comments. It's free.

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