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Top 5 Ways EDM Is Now Mainstream

1997 provides us with an interesting cautionary tale about the pursuit of the next big thing and how it doesn't always play out the way we expect. From MTV's Year in Rock:

Music fans were restless, record sales were stagnant...Then, a new music emerged...one that captivated listeners, created new stars and dominated the charts. And that sound was...ska. Of course, 1997 was supposed to be the year that technofied dance music known as "electronica"...would reshape the American pop landscape.

It's fun to look back at '97 with 15 years of hindsight. That ska was ever-popular seems quaint. The real future, for rock music, at least, was in nu-metal.

While '97 was not the breakout year for electronica that many predicted, it was only the first part of the story. One name change and a few breakout artists later, EDM is a force that is reshaping the pop landscape -- and not just on the charts. Take a look at how, after a slow start, EDM has become a major part of our culture.

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