Top Five Artists You Need to Stop Hating

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Recently I addressed a subject close to my heart: bands I wish everybody would stop talking about for even five minutes. I even liked some of those bands, but I just can't stand to listen to them anymore because of overexposure. Thanks, social media!

Well folks, it's time for another intervention, and this time it's on the opposite end of the spectrum. Look, I hate some bands as much as any other sane person. We can all agree some bands are just bad, right? But sometimes people's vitriol for certain ones gets to a point where everybody just needs to chill out.

Like a never ending knock-knock joke, using these bands and musicians as your choice punchline has gotten old, and it's about time we all just learned to live and let die.

5. Yoko Ono Only on the bottom of the list because she actually does have a pretty loyal fanbase and following, Yoko Ono is a fantastic experimental artist who has made some incredible music in her lifetime. It's raw, it's powerful, and it's beautiful. It's not hard to see what John Lennon saw in her.

That is if you're not a frothing-at-the-mouth "she broke up the Beatles and all she does is scream" hater. If you are that guy, consider that the Beatles broke up for far better reasons than John Lennon's relationship with Yoko Ono. It was an inevitability. It was also more than 40 years ago.

And about her just screaming? Take a listen to The White Album again. If you don't appreciate experimental music, you probably are missing out on one of the key components that made the Beatles so important in the first place.

4. Drake Okay everyone, we get it, Drake is kind of a pushover. I mean, he's sensitive! To women! He treats them with respect! Gosh, what a loser. And he incorporates R&B into his music, something no real rapper would ever do!

Alright, look, I'm not the biggest fan of Drake's music myself, but by all accounts he seems like a good guy who makes decent pop music. If he was running around being a jerk to people like Justin Bieber, it would be totally cool to hate on him. But just because your girlfriend likes Drake better than you doesn't mean he's the devil.

At this point, the only person I really want to see running down Drake is Big Ghost, because he's actually funny about it! Everyone else, lay off.

3. Creed What I hate about Creed is that their music is so indebted to Pearl Jam I can only shake my head in disgust. The sad thing is that just as Faith No More beget Korn and Limp Bizkit, Pearl Jam beget Creed, and both were great bands! This is just what you get when you take real, aggressive, passionate music and make it water soluble.

What I can't deny is that while they are cold and calculated about their attempts to become popular by copying a sound which had already been successful for another band, the members of Creed on their own are actually very capable musicians. Actually, everyone in the band is pretty decent except Scott Stapp and his fucking Eddie Vedder impression.

2. Nickelback I dislike Nickelback because their music is repetitious, tedious, and retreads classic-rock tropes with all the fire and passion of a 75-year-old's sex life. It's weak, it's frigid, and it makes me want to puke with its wannabe Van Halen, misogynistic, dumb as a bag of hammers lyricism.

That being said, every hack comedian on the Internet has decided to sub in Nickelback as the punchline to his or her lame jokes. It's just as limp at this point as Nickelback's awful music. As someone who is tasked with being funny on the internet for a living, or at least mildly amusing at times while repeating "they can't all be gold" over and over again in my head, it frankly offends me.

Can we have a moratorium on Nickelback hate? Just let them fade into obscurity along with the kind of meatheaded attitudes and personas they represent.

1. Coldplay Confession time: I actually love Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, which was a damn good pop album no matter how you slice it. Brian Eno's lush production didn't hurt matters any either. Frankly, hating on Coldplay is just as played out as hating on any other band on this list, except it's even worse because they've done nothing so egregious as the others here.

Why do people hate Coldplay then? Some of it seems to be their preachy attitude. Admittedly, they wear their causes on their sleeves, and it can get almost as grating as listening to Bono or George Clooney. But there's nothing wrong with that! We just don't like it because it makes us feel bad for not being so charitable in our own lives.

It would be fine to hate Coldplay based solely on their music, though, except that their music is actually pretty good. They're talented, ambitious songwriters who work with some of the best artists in the business to build their music. Some of it may come out trite, but give credit where it's due for what they do right. If they weren't so damn popular, they'd probably be your favorite band.


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