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Top Five Athlete-Rapper Team-Ups

Speak of the devil...

Give an NBA player a mike and he'll give you one of the worst performances of all time. Put the same athlete in the company of a decent rapper and the result might surprise you. If you're still haunted by the bitter taste of our worst rapper-athlete collaborations, here's a roundup of the best to help cleanse your palate.

5. C.Webb (Chris Webber) & Kurupt, "Gangsta Gangsta (Tell Me How Ya Do It)":

It's a delicate balance between art and skill, this rapper-meets-athlete business. Kurupt takes the driver's seat on "Gangsta Gangsta," while ex Kings baller Chris Webber keeps pace. The former No. 1 pick is also noted for his hip-hop production. Check out Nas' "Blunt Ashes" for a sample of his C-Webb's board work.

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