Top Five Bands You Need to Get Over Already

Thanks to social media, our culture now moves at the speed of light. Your 15 minutes of fame is now closer to fifteen seconds. Look at all the internet memes you loved last year that are completely played out now. Hell, even a hit song only has about a month of mileage; notice how quickly we all got over Daft Punk this summer.

Overstaying your welcome is no longer tolerated, something social media makes all too apparent. As someone who spends a lot of time on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, I know what I'm getting sick of seeing very quickly, especially when it comes to music.

So it's even more baffling and annoying when some acts just don't go away. Here are five I just keep seeing and seeing and seeing to the point where I'm going to pull my hair out if people don't just get over them already.

5. Death Grips Are we over this yet? Death Grips' music has gotten increasingly bad as time has gone and their "performance art," if you can call it that, has verged into utter idiocy, as I've previously discussed. At first it looked like rebellion, but on further inspection it's just some guys determined to embarrass themselves as publicly as possible.

It's time to stop glorifying that, whether it's an underground rap group like Death Grips or a mainstream pop star like Miley Cyrus, and it's time to move on from what was a poor excuse for a hype band to begin with. There are better artists out there who were doing this sound before Death Grips started anyway.

4. Odd Future Odd Future and their front man of sorts, Tyler the Creator, hit hard in 2011 with a series of singles that captured a new, more youthful, more honest brand of hip-hop we weren't used to hearing in the mainstream.

Then they degenerated into offensive jokes and repetiton, both in their subject matter and their beats. You could almost say they became exactly what they were a refreshing change from to begin with. What's the difference between Tyler and Lil Wayne at this point? Different pop-culture references? It's played.

3. Brand New Brand New was always a step above the majority of the mainstream emo scene of the early 2000s and has transitioned gracefully into a darker form of indie-rock over their last two albums. That being said, checking Tumblr you'd think that a) their 2003 album Deja Entendu came out last week, and b) they had released new music since 2009.

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For a band whose last album was fairly middling that hasn't been active in four years, it's shocking how remarkably present they are. But even worse, it's their material from ten years ago that won't go away! It's time to put the nail in the coffin for Deja Entendu, at least until Brand New bothers to release some new material.

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2. Jeff Buckley You may find Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" beautiful. I find it cloying and retch-inducing; it's so melodramatic it makes me want to puke. Nevertheless, I thank Buckley for the much money and fame he brought to the song's original writer. Now that he's done that, I would hope he could rest peacefully.

Unfortunately, Buckley, who tragically passed away in 1997, has not been allowed to fade from the public eye. People will not let him go. But here's a fact: he only recorded one album. Even if you do still enjoy Grace, it's been 19 years. It's time to give it a rest already.

1. Modest Mouse Modest Mouse was the indie band that could. If you followed them from the beginning, you couldn't have been happier when they hit it big in 2004 with "Float On" without ever compromising their sound or their principles.

2007's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank was a modest follow-up, pardon the pun, but it produced a lot of hits for them. Then nothing, except for an EP of previously recorded tracks in 2009. That's nothing new for Modest Mouse, who usually always takes a long time to write and record new records. But then, why are they still so popular?

If I hear "Float On" or even "Missed the Boat" again, I'm going to lose my mind. Face it, people, there are new and exciting bands out there who haven't been on what amounts to a hiatus since 2007. Not to mention, we've actually heard new material from Modest Mouse live as of late. You know why we haven't heard it on a record? Because it's not very good at all. It's time to move on, everyone.


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