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Top Five Best & Worst Songs About 9/11

This Sunday will be 10 years since America was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001. In that time, a lot of musical ground has been covered. Some artists mention that day only in passing, as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys do in "Empire State of Mind," but some have crafted songs about 9/11 itself.

Some of these are heartfelt, sincere outpourings of emotion by people who were there or were genuinely moved by what happened. Some songs are knee-jerk gut reactions with little more thought put into them than goes into a sneeze. And of course, some of these songs are simply crass exploitation.

We're going to take a look at the best and worst of the songs we've encountered in the past ten years that were written about 9/11 or events pertaining to it. Something to understand before you even start hitting that "Add Comment" button: This means we're going to be mocking some people who probably had the best of intentions.

Tough shit. You want a better review, put out a better product, especially when it has to do with something as serious and lasting as 9/11, which is still at the top of the news. Let's start with the best...

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John Seaborn Gray