Top Secret: Flash Mob at Westheimer Block Party

Tired of never knowing why people around you are walking backwards or pillow fighting?

The Flash Mob has been popping up all over town and we even caught its last shenanigan on video. The secret society behind the aforementioned random acts of silliness is going a little more public with announcements and even leaked its latest plan to us (and everyone on MySpace). The event is scheduled to land on Saturday’s Westheimer Block Party (because that’s one place where people will totally be shocked by something out of ordinary.) But, still, we have to admit they are pretty fun to watch.

Here’s the lowdown from the bulletin:

meet up at the corner of avondale and taft (street behind la strada on westheimer ) this saturday .... @3:00pm

location and direction of task for the flash mob will be given then!!!!

spread the word to all!!!!

freezing will commence soon after meeting!!!!!!!!

With all these exclamation points, how can you not be excited?!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Dusti Rhodes

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