Tow Down (left) and Big Pokey
Tow Down (left) and Big Pokey

Tow Down: Busted Rapper/Grower's Lyrical Tipoffs

The Bubba Sparxxx of Fort Bend County, Tow Down, was arrested Wednesday for using three houses as weed nurseries, where he and several associates including his older brother cultivated more than 600 marijuana plants, the U.S. Attorney's office announced today. As our sister blog Hair Balls noted earlier, this is not the first time Tow has been locked up for his green thumb; he was also arrested in 2008 and 2010.

Tow has never made much of a secret about his activities. Several songs on the Screwed Up Click associate's 2000 LP By Prescription Only practically did the DEA Agents' job for them, in fact. Eleven years ago. Here's a hint: "Slant Eyes" is not a racial slur, at least not the way Tow uses it.

"You ever get so high you smoked yourself sober?" he asks. He may have now.

Tow Down: Busted Rapper/Grower's Lyrical Tipoffs



From the tumbling weed we been blowin' dank/ From sunup to sundown

Joe Slaughter:

The Dirty South is what it's about/ Poin' up smokin' it out


Sippin' drank blowin' pounds/ And all the drugs I intake courtesy of Tow Down

It's the H-A-W-K/ Mr. ballin' parlay/ And smoke my life away

Big Pokey:

We got chicks and dirty tricks baby/ And that hydro is what we blow baby



Blowin' trees, TVs, green, CDs, and DVDs/ I'm high but low-key, ridin SUVs

High-dollar baller keepin the 'dro in stock/ I hit the spot, drop the top and I pop the crop


South Park Mexican:

Nuthin but the doh-doh for me/ Jus' like the potpourri/ My bitch hit my weed and coughed up an ovary/ Tow Down blow 'dro with me


I get high on each second of every minute of every hour/ Like Cheech and Chong, blowin' the bong/ Or rollin' in the Eddie Bauer

I stay talls like skyscrapers/ Weed's always around so I gotta have papers/ And you can get high too/ Whether a gram for you, or a pound for ya whole crew/ Whatever you need I got weed, from liquid trip to dip to hydro to ecstasy

Yep. That's some fine detective work right there, all right.

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