Screwston, Texas

Trae Is Regal, Menacing On New Album Street King

Unless you have some prior issue or grievance with Trae Tha Truth - like he punched you in the nose or headed a grassroots campaign attacking your company's character or whatevs - he's pretty much made it impossible to root against him.

He works like a horse, is apparently loyal to a fault, and now, with the release of Street King, has proven that he is capable of thriving in the independent music market. The album is good. It is better than good. It might be his best album to date. It might even age to be his most important too; Restless earns that designation right now, but if this one spider-webs into the sort of national success that it was constructed to chase down, it might catch up.

There are a bunch of moving parts here, but they mostly fall into one of three categories: The Pack, or, as it might be called, The Potential Criticism; The Sound, or, as it might be called, The Evolution of Trae; and The Incidentals, or Other Potentially Interesting Shit. Piece by piece.

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Shea Serrano