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Trae Tha Truth Pumped For Today's Trae Day

Rejoice. Today is Trae Day, a city-sanctioned holiday that was established in 2008 and champions the efforts of rapper Trae tha Truth, a noted humanitarian, social activist and Asshole by Nature.

Two years ago, Trae Day was marred when, following the festivities, gunshots were fired into a crowd of those standing around soaking in the glow. Eight people were hit. Though no one was fatally wounded, the trajectory of Trae's career was eventually altered (seemingly) irrevocably.

Read this if you're somehow not familiar with everything that has transpired since then. It's been a pretty remarkable chain.

Today, though, is not about looking backwards. It's a celebration, and it will be treated as such. Trae took a few minutes Thursday to speak about the event. Three main points from the conversation stuck out:

#TraeLovesTheStreets In addition to the guys listed on the flyer as performers, some local acts will be there as well, including but not limited to ABN members Pyrexx (who shines on Trae's new LP Street King), Rod C, Quis and more. Also performing: Killa Cal-Wayne, the most intimidatingly likeable man to ever escape the grasp of the Cuney Homes subsection of Houston. Also, also performing: Big Pokey.

#TraeLovesTheKids This year, apparently, has the potential to be the grandest Trae Day of all. There will be more rides, more giveaways, more everything. And there's basically a zero percent chance of rain. It rained last year, which seemed appropriate. It won't rain this year, and that seems appropriate too.

#TraeLovesTheStruggle Each Trae Day has had its own unique challenges. The first one brought with it the craziness that any big event carries its first time around. In 2008, there was the aftermath. Last year, the venue had to be changed right before the event was scheduled to take place. This year was no different. But it kind of was.

Said Trae: "Bad shit happens and I get through it. But this year, I gotta say I was blessed. People were being proactive in trying to help."

He then listed names of people who donated monies and/or other services, including names like NBAers Rashard Lewis and Deandre Jordan, both Houstonians.

"Lupe [Fiasco] even came out a day early just to hold it down and support if anything was needed," he said. "You know anytime he comes around, it's good. That's my bro."

Rocks Off has covered the last three Trae Days. Never before has Trae sounded as excited and fresh and anxious as he did about today.

Trae Day will be held from 3- 8 p.m. today at Delmar Stadium, 2020 Mangum.

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