Trae Tha Truth Releases Statement on Wednesday's ABN Shooting

Moments ago, Houston rapper Trae tha Truth released a statement about the shootings at the southwest Houston cabaret Diamond Club (formerly Scores) where he was wounded in the parking lot after performing a Juneteenth concert at the nearby Club Blue. One other person was wounded and three people were killed, incluing Trae's Assholes by Nature associates Dinky D and Poppa C.

Above are the tweets Trae has sent after the shooting. His entire statement to the media, released by his publicist Nancy Byron of OGPR, is below:

Two days after the tragic shooting outside a Houston gentlemen's club that left two wounded and three dead, Trae Tha Truth, himself a shooting victim, wishes to express his heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the senseless incident, one a mother of three.

"My son, Houston, panicked when he saw his dad covered in blood and bandages."

The rapper shares about the first time his youngest son got to see him after his release from the hospital. "I had to explain things to him to get him to calm down. I'm alive though so my pain is really with the families of those whose lives where lost, one of whom was a part of my ABN family. There are children that lost a parent that night, and that's the biggest tragedy."

Trae had just finished performing and was on his way out of that venue with his associates when the shooting started. The show had attracted a large crowd, so there were several hundred people in the parking lot when the unknown gunman opened fire.

"I don't know what started the shooting or who was targeted," says Trae. "I just know that the crowd of people started moving in my direction and we were basically all sitting ducks at that point. A case of wrong place, wrong time."

As Trae begins the healing process, having just discovered that the bullet lodged in his shoulder might well be a permanent thing, he wishes to thank both his fans and the music industry for the outpouring of support and well wishes.

"Ninety-eight percent of the (rap) industry has called me this past two days to check on me and offer their support. I'm truly grateful for that. Now it's my turn to reach out to the affected families to see what can be done on my end to help them cope with their loss."

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