Trae Tha Truth Signs With T.I.'s Grand Hustle Label

Wednesday, Trae Tha Truth, protagonist in one of rap's perpetually involved narratives, announced that he'd joined with multiple Grammy winner T.I., signing to T.I.'s imprint Grand Hustle.

Trae alluded to making a "big announcement" on Twitter the day before, though many expected it'd relate to either his new app he'd been touting or the new video he'd mentioned previously, the first offering from an ABN offshoot group called ABN Renegadez.

"Me and Tip are similar in a lot of ways," Trae told MTV's RapFix Live, the television show he'd made the announcement on, his trademark sledgehammer voice sounding only a tad bit lighter. "We both understand what it is."

T.I., long a fixture within rap's national scope, added: "Grand Hustle is an established brand; ABN is already an established brand. It's about seeing what we can do to parlay what we've already done for ourselves to make it benefit the other."

Trae has existed as one of Houston's most dynamic, most inspired, most embattled emcees. And he has navigated "the slums," as he calls it, impeccably.

Now, for what might be the first time in his career, he'll enjoy the support of a business plan that includes proper syndication.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.